What You Should Do When Your Man Is Using Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

General Article

So, you are in bed cuddling with your man. He starts undressing you, whispering what he wants to do to you. You are both very hot. You dim the lights, your eyes are closed, and you tell him how much you want him. You both slide between the bed sheets and you unzip his pants. He lowers your panties, and just as you are about to start your passionate love making, his penis gets flaccid. No matter what you try to do, it refuses to respond to your touches. He covers his face in embarrassment, and your night of passion fizzles away. You finally convince him to go for erectile dysfunction medicine. Much as it is a good thing, you should know that you also have a part to play while your man is on medication. Some of the thing you should do include:

Keep It Confidential

Sex matters should be confidential. You should even keep it to yourself more when it revolves around erectile dysfunction. Men like protecting their egos, and they would get very frustrated when they realize you have been telling people that they cannot function in bed. Keep the fact that he is using medicine between you two, otherwise it might not work.

Boost His Ego

This might sound vain to you, but for men, sex and ego go hand in hand. Even though he may be on medication to keep things strong between the legs, he needs an extra boost. Remind him why having sex with him feels great. Sometimes, a combination of medicine and sweet words is all your man needs to keep things going.

Be Patient

When your man has erectile dysfunction, he may need to take medication a few minutes before intercourse. Wait for him and for the effects to catch on. As you wait, you may try oral sex, or caresses to keep both of you in the mood. Remember that it will take a lot of patience to make it work.

Do Not Keep Mentioning It

Unless he wants to discuss it, you should not make it a habit of bringing up the erectile dysfunction and medication. It only makes him more self-aware if you discuss it with him. Bringing it up and insisting on talking about it just before sex can be a mood killer. Of course, that does not forbid you from mentioning it. Just avoid making it an obsession.

Understand That There Will Be Side Effects

Just like with any medication, your man can develop side effects when using medication to reverse erectile dysfunction. Some of those symptoms can be a prolonged erection that does not go down for a few hours. Do not raise alarm when you see this happening. If you make it a big deal, he might shy off from taking the next dose. Some other side effects could be dizziness and light headaches that subside after a short while.