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Key Reasons Why You Should Not Mix Alcohol With Your Skin

In the holiday days such as the one coming, a lot of people are attracted to drinking some alcohol. You are most interested in making your skin be at its best all the time. If you are really in love with your skin and you are willing to make it be at its level best, it is advisable to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol and skin dont mix, they are like oil and water. It is actually a nice thing to stop drinking alcohol if you want peace with your skin. Continue to read more in this site if you are interested in knowing why you should never mix alcohol with water for the sake of your skin.

Drinking alcohol makes your body to experience dehydration. This is why after drinking alcohol you wake up in the morning craving to drink a lot of water. Your skin damages when you have no enough water in your body. You should read more now on why you experience these things. It is true that your skin is the main organ of your body but there is a likelihood that it is the last to gain the benefits of anything that you eat or drink. What happens is that your body gets to allocate water to the internal organs of your body first and if by any chance there is any left, it goes to make your skin look soft and flexible. The other thing that can happen is that your skin might become oily than what is expected. This is because dryness of the skin makes it make more oil that is going to replace the deficiency of water.

Poor sleep is the other thing that is going to happen to you if you drink alcohol. When you dont get enough sleep as your body requires, there will a slowing down of the cellular turnover. This results in making your skin look dull and lose dehydrated among other problems.

Another thing that happens when you drink alcohol is the production of a substance known as acetaldehyde which is an enemy to your body. You are going to get this substance after the metabolization of the alcohol by your liver. By just applying your chemistry knowledge, it is dangerous substance that is harmful to your body. What it does to the skin of your body is that it makes it lose water and makes it also to be inflamed in the long term.

This page is going to make you learn ways of avoiding alcohol and damaging your skin. You should make sure that you have eaten enough before drinking because when alcohol is metabolized alongside food, its effects are lessened. Another thing that you should do is to make sure that you drink water and wine together for the sake of your skin. The best way of avoiding damaging your skin is to quit drinking alcohol or drink less.