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Sports Hernia; Treatment and Prevention

A sports hernia is some kind of a slit that may occur at an athlete’s oblique abdominal muscle. Due to the fact that these sports hernia injury does not leave any hole in the stomach walls, experts have found this challenging to diagnose it. When the athlete goes to their doctor they are usually given a diagnosis of a groin strain and assured that the pain will surely go away after resting.

True to words, the pain will go away but eventually it will return in three folds due to the fact that it was not groin strains that were the issue but it was sports hernia. Medical practitioners may fail to grasp the real issue regarding sports hernia and as a result of taking time to do so, it may get worse on the athlete on the other side and lead to procurement of chronic pains. Sport hernia may occur when the groin muscles are torn . Over the past years, the surgery of hernia cases have been revolutionized and now they are being carried out by very quality hernia surgeons who are using the native anesthetics. The advantages of using the local anesthetic is that the patient can get back on their feet immediately after the surgery and also the fact that they can they can eat after the surgery as there are no side effects of the general anaesthetize such as nausea, headaches and urinary retentions. Sports hernia surgeons have come up with various methods of carrying out a hernia surgery and before doing this, they will have to look at key factors about the patient such as their age, occupation and finally the degree and depth of the hernia so that it can make them to choose the most appropriate way to do this.

Rehab following the inguinal hernia surgery is very rapid and as a result the patient is often told to do exercises immediately after the surgery. It may be difficult to spot a sports hernia especially in athletes and soccer players as someone with it will continue to play their sport but as time goes by it will become progressively worse. The acceleration of the intra-abdominal pressure will lead to faster growth of the sports hernia as this will force it to mature faster. Study has shown that the groin pains can occur to women during pregnancy as the adductor muscles strain. This occurrence of the hernia injury has been keenly noted to affect the soccer, tennis, football and hockey players. It is important for athletes and everybody in general to have a regular body check up and get diagnosed so that they can help prevent the development of hernia.

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