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A logo is a symbol that is adopted by an organization to identify its products and items. An emblem, graphic mark or symbol are the synonyms for logo. The designing process of logos is through using graphic design. Problem solving and visual communication can be aided through the use of photography, illustration and typography in the process of graphic design. Graphic designers create symbols, images and text forming a visual representation of the message. Graphic design has several uses which include; editorial design, corporate design, web design, communication design, product packaging, signage and advertising. Graphic design is applied in other areas that are significant in the day to day life of humans.

The logo design process is quite simple as its divided to mini processes. Initial graphic design process is the main process under which contains the construction of creative design. A creative design brief is built once the needs of the clients have been well understood. Questions asked to the client are meant to develop a clear understanding of their business, industry as well as the issues they have been facing. Some avenues in which the questions are relayed include; over the phone, in person or using an online design questionnaire so as to understand the client better. Getting to know the project quite well as a designer is made possible by the design brief.

Upon interaction of the client with the designer then a creative design brief is made. The consultation process mainly involves asking the various set of questions in order to know the liking of the client. Questions asked to clients and are familiar in other areas touch in areas involving the their business, their consumers and the project.

The next step is the research and discovery phase. Basically research and discovery mainly starts with discovery of clients and industry then followed by research both primary and secondary. During the process of client discovery then graphic designers look into the existing business in order to know their standings in terms of branding.

The graphic designers will probably notice other underlying issues that had not been previously mentioned by the client. By checking on the current setup of the business, expert brand consultants are able to identify the problem as well as provide solutions in the graphic design process. The specific segment in which a client leaves in needs to be looked at by the graphic designers. Either consideration or avoidance is done when graphic designers look at the competitors section also.

Primary research is done when client and industry discovery has been completed.Qualitative and quantitative research are the two types of primary research method that take a lot of time. Skipping of the two primary methods of research is done when business invest in low priced logos.

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