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The Best Sports Movies
About 20% of people, on a daily basis, all around the globe are always engaging in sport activities. Some sport movies are majorly the source of inspiration as well as motivation for the children that participate in sports. This is due to the fact that the children are always intrigued by the sports that the movie casts participate in, sports ranging from football and even golf. From a blog that was previously written we will consider the sports movies that have stood out in time in this discussion.
An example of one such great movie to be produced and released in 2002, is the one by the title Bend It Like Beckham. In the cast of the movie was a young lady who was British-Indian who parents had other dreams for, but she wanted to play football as a professional player. The British-Indian lady was called Jess Bjamra and always looked up to David Beckham, she was able to get her dreams come true despite what the parents had intended for her.
Miracle is the other best sports movie that was based on a true story about hockey, that had a great cast, that this blog was able to identify. This movie Miracle should how one can be able to achieve and deliver greatness and victory in any sport by working together during and being able to deliver great amount of teamwork.
The Bad News Bears was also one great sports movie in the 70s that was identified by the blog. It was based on a team of athletically challenged individuals who went ahead to move beyond their limits so that they would work as a unit.
There was an Oscar winning sports movie that was called Rocky, and it winning such an award is just a testament to how amazing the show was. It is a movie that shows that one can get up and rise above all the challenges and still have a great chance at greatness. This is exactly what the boxer, Stallone went through and overcame.
This blog also identifies the Hoop Dreams as also a great sports movie about basketball. The Hoop Dreams is a story that was based on two young African American boys that moved to go to attend a basketball event and also hoped to be able to play in it someday. It is a movie that covers issues to do with poverty, determination and racism.
The Caddyshack was also a hilarious sports movie about golf that was quite interesting to watch. A great football movie of all time was the Friday Night Lights.
There was also a movie on bowling that was casted by Jeff Bridges called The Big Lebowski. Last but not least, The Wrestler was the sports movie that was favorite among people that was identified in this blog.