Four Reasons Why Your Child Needs to See a Dentist

General Article

Children need standard dental hygiene and care right from the time they develop baby teeth. The state of your child’s teeth plays a vital role in their overall health and development, and therefore must be prioritized at all cost. Preferably, the inaugural visit to a dental visit should happen at twelve months but most children begin around two to three years. Below are four reasons why you should take your young one to see a dentist this summer:

Oral hygiene

Like it or not, observing proper dental hygiene is just as crucial for the little ones as it is for adults. Children’s teeth are highly susceptible to accumulating plaque as children have a proclivity for sugary foods and drinks. Also, most children are not skillful at brushing teeth without assistance and their unrelenting protests make brushing teeth impossible nightmare. Be that as it may, cleaning teeth often is a requirement. Back this up by scheduling dentist appointment from time to time to remove stains and tartar. This will effectively ward off nasty bacterial infections that could wreak havoc on your child’s mouth.


Simple dental issues like yanking out baby teeth are easy to deal with at home, but it is highly recommended that you visit a dentist instead. A pediatric dentist has a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with such cases without causing injury. Moreover, the dentist will share expert advice on proper oral hygiene for your child to prevent common issues. Look for dentist office Rochester MN and make that initial trip with your little one. Take full advantage of these visits to get a thorough inspection of the mouth to detect dental issues at the onset.

Baby Teeth Decay

Tooth decay is also common among children even as young as two years. Caries is typically passed on through saliva, unsanitary spoons and bottles, and the dirty pacifiers. If neglected, tooth decay can trigger premature falling of baby teeth and make the child prone to other infections. In addition, the unaffected teeth are likely to shift and take up space for upcoming teeth. A pediatric dentist will diagnose teeth decay and nip the problem in the bud.

Preventative-based Care

Pediatric or kid’s dentists are keen on implementing preventative measures to ward off dental problems during childhood and subsequently in adulthood. With professional guidance, your child will adopt proper oral hygiene habits and experience less anxiety during dental visits. Aside from sharing knowledge on dental hygiene, dentists share nutritional information to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Fluoride treatments are also available and what’s more, your child will get freebies like toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste during each visit!

In a nutshell, maintaining standard oral hygiene for your little ones is imperative. This may seem like an arduous task when children rebel but as they say, practice makes perfect. Eventually, your child will learn how to care for their teeth without much input from your end. Having a consistent dentist from childhood until all their permanent teeth are out and healthy is yet another benefit of dental visits.