Choosing the Right Healthy Snack for Children

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Healthy Snack

Snacking is a term used to describe the process of eating snacks. Snacking is an activity that is favored by children. or an adult. For children, we should choose the type of healthy snack. As a parent has an important role in the selection of healthy snack that is good for children. This is done because children under three years usually have a limited capacity to eat so the risk of not getting enough nutrition.

However, snacking can also cause bad eating patterns for children, causing deficiency or excess nutrition. A child’s appetite will decrease if parents do not set a child’s snack schedule or pattern. There are several things parents need to consider when choosing snacks for children

Choose Healthy Snack That Is Nutritious

As parents, we must be careful in choosing the type of snacks for our children. In addition to healthy snacks must also be nutritious. Nutritious snacks are snacks that contain carbohydrates, protein, fat in a balanced way. You also have to manage a balanced diet and in smaller portions than the main meal.

Check Snack Safety

We as parents must be observant of choosing food for our children. Safe snacks are foods that are free of harmful additives such as boric acid, salicylic acid, bro

Healthy Snack and Served Hygienically

We must choose the type of snack chosen, as much as possible choose homemade snacks. Because the way of processing and cleanliness can be guaranteed.

Set the Number of Snacks Consumed

Parents must be observant in managing the number of snacks our children consume. For those who have children with obesity nutritional status. Using snacks can be a means of controlling calorie intake to maintain a feeling of fullness. It is better to give snacks in the form of cut fruit, not fruit juice.

Balance With The Consumption of Water

If the child is allowed to eat snacks. You should balance the consumption of water. Avoid the habit of drinking sweet drinks like sweet tea, bottled tea, or soft drinks. Get used to children consume water after eating a snack.