Tips for Maintaining Health during the Rainy Season


The rainy season is coming again. Transitional season like now it does make the body prone to disease. Every human has an immune system, which is the first defense against various dangerous germs. So one of the keys to anti-pain is to strengthen the immune system. Well, one way to have good body immunity is through food. Before your body collapses due to erratic weather, you should protect yourself with the following steps

 Increase the intake of Vitamin C

In the rainy season, vitamin C is needed presence in the human body because. In addition to being able to function as an antioxidant, it can also increase endurance. You can always get vitamin C from various types of supplements, but it would be better if you get it from natural sources. Vitamin C is found in many oranges, kiwi, tomatoes, and other fruits that are brightly colored. To be more varied, try making it into a juice, smoothie, healthy dessert, or mixed in a bowl of oats as a breakfast menu.

Stay Active Indoors

The cold air during the rainy season is very pleasant. It feels like you don’t want to get out of the blanket. You actually need to be more active even though you are indoors. By staying active and moving a lot, you will keep your body’s circulation normal and you will still feel healthy in the rainy season.

Don’t Lean on a Damp Wall

The rainy season makes the walls moist and wet, this is because of the amount of water that seeps into the wall surface. Well, try not to lean on a wet or wet wall. Because of the damp walls into mold growth which is certainly not good for health.

Use Warm Clothes

During the rainy season, the temperature gets colder. That’s why it is advisable to frequently wear warm clothes such as jackets or sweaters. This keeps the body temperature warm.

Consume Warm Drinks

Coldness can reduce your body’s endurance. So when the rainy season, multiply to consume beverages that can warm the body such as tea or warm ginger