Why Choose Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Arizona?

At a facility that offers drug and alcohol treatment Arizona, patients should choose a center that openly welcomes people with heroin, morphine, methadone and a variety of prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin, Oxycodone, and Codeine. The detoxification process for all opiates or opioids is quite similar. All patients are assessed by a consultant psychiatrist.

An element of this process to never be ignored? The patient must discuss past and recent long-term drug use if they genuinely want to beat their addiction. A detox treatment plan will be defined in collaboration with the patient.

What is heroin detox?

When addicted to an opiate, such as heroin, the brain starts to adapt to the permanent exposure of the drug. In other words, the user is physically and mentally addicted to drugs. Someone with a heroin addiction develops a tolerance to substances, which gradually increases the amount consumed.

Stopping heroin will cause very unpleasant physical reactions and side effects, so be prepared. Experts recommend to all those who want to stop heroin to do it slowly and in a treatment center, with medical oversight. Most treatment facilities will use prescription medications as a substitute until the body is successfully weaned off the recreational drug.

The process

Although not dangerous, heroin withdrawal is not dangerous, but it can be difficult. Choose a center that will guarantee fast and pleasant detoxification without putting you or your loved one in danger. All patients who have started detoxification receive regular medical supervision throughout the day; during this follow-up, any signs they present with are recorded. At night, patients who are in rehab, stay in their room so that their monitoring continues.

The duration of treatment varies according to each patient. As a rule, heroin detoxification is between seven and ten days. If the patient’s use is/was high, the process may take longer. The duration of treatment may vary when the patient has used other drugs.

Medications prescribed during detoxification with heroin or methadone

Subutex (buprenorphine) is usually prescribed for heroin detoxification. In the case of methadone, detoxification takes place by using a decreasing dose until the drug is completely suppressed. Towards the last phase of rehab, Lofexidine is prescribed to relieve some physical symptoms while the patient stops all other medications.